Something to Celebrate’ ESBA’s 10th Annual Exhibition Also at Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh - Illustration by Nicola Macartney

Welcome to 'Something to Celebrate' ESBA's 10th Annual Exhibition

This is our second online exhibition featuring some of the work undertaken by ESBA artists. This exhibition runs alongside our physical exhibition at Dundas Street Gallery, in Edinburgh.

At Dundas Street, the exhibition runs from the 30th March to 6th April 2022.
Opening times: 10am - 5pm, 30th March - 5th April, 10am - 12pm, 6th April.

The online exhibition will run until the end of April.
If you are interested in buying a piece, please click on the email link to contact the artist directly or pop into the gallery.

Jeff Banks | Lyn Campbell | Jean CraigKaryn DalrympleGail Finlayson | Jenny Haslimeier | Marianne Hazlewood  | Sandra Klaassen | Jessica Langford  | Nicola Macartney  | Louise Meny | Jan Miller | Gloria NewlanBill Phillips | Babz Runcie | Sandra Russell | Alexa Scott Plummer | Elizabeth Scott

Jeff Banks

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Butterbur, Petasites hybridus
H 56 x W 37 cm, watercolour original: £250


Burbidgea schizocheila
H 52 x W 60 cm, watercolour original: £300


Rosa soulieana
H 50 x W 42 cm, watercolour original: £370


Erythronium revolutum
H 45 x W 39 cm, watercolour original: £345
mounted prints available: £60, cards: £3


Jean Craig

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Silver birch, Betula pendula
H 53 x W 37 cm, watercolour original £295


Japanese anemone ‘September Charm’
Anemone hupehensis var. japonica
H 40 x W 30 cm, watercolour original £275


Strelizia, Bird of paradise
H 44 x W 47 cm, watercolour original: NFS
Available as a mounted and backed print for £80. Cards £2.50


H 44 x W 35 cm, watercolour original: £650
Cream frame
Available as a mounted and backed print for £75. Cards £2.50


H 49 x W 34 cm, Pen and ink original: £450
Flat black frame, white mount with thin black insert
Available as a mounted and backed print for £80. Cards £2.50


Spring flowers
H 38 x W 40 cm, watercolour and polychromos original: £700
flat soft white frame
Available as a mounted and backed print for £80. Cards £2.50


Gail Finlayson

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Clematis multiblue
H 40 x W 36 cm, watercolour original: £300
giclee print £100.
Get in touch with the artist to arrange shipping/delivery from Canada


Jenny Haslimeier

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I am an award winning botanical artist, originally from New Zealand. I moved to Edinburgh in 2006 and currently split my time between both countries. I love to travel and take inspiration from the places I have visited around the world.

Self portrait (if I was a leaf)
H 21 cm x W 30 cm, Coloured pencil: NFS
Greeting cards available

Red Leaf
Coloured pencil original: £325
Greeting cards available


Coloured pencil original: £250

Marianne Hazlewood

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I worked on this crabapple during lockdown, it was growing in my neighbors garden in the colonies in Edinburgh, I saw its cheery apples every time I went through a walk through the winter.

These two Arisaema were part of my diploma work, I absolutely love these two plants, Arisaema ringens captured my imagination with its amazing cupped spathe hoods, in Japan the name relates to the Ronans stirrup cups which are a very similar shape. I love Arisaema intermedium because it has an amazing stripy gem of an inflorescence hidden away beneath its velvety foliage with its strawberry liquorice spadix, it looks delicious!

I worked on this screen print at Edinburgh Printmakers using ink shoot illustrations that I had previously worked on and developing them over the winter. I really enjoyed the process of reduction of the monotone ink drawing further and then introducing block colour and geometry to the design through the various plates.

i @mariannehazlewood
f Marianne.E.Hazlewood
t mehazlewood

email: Marianne Hazlewood



Crabapple / Malus
H 30 x W 50 cm, watercolour original £945.00


Ariseama ringens
watercolour original £4250.00
450mm x 320mm, framed to 730mm x 530mm


Arisaema intermedium
450mm x 320mm, framed to 730mm x 530mm
watercolour original £4250.00


Ariseama griffithii
This is a four colour screen print.
Screen print original 1/9 £945.00
framed to 770mm x 570mm


Sandra Klaassen

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Sandra Klaassen is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Art and Design (The Netherlands). She is an established and published illustrator of Children’s Books. Sandra has turned much of her attention towards botanical illustrating and obtained her Diploma at the RBGE in 2018.

i @sandraklaassenillustraties


Plantago Major
H 60 x W 50 cm, watercolour original: £500 excluding frame

Family: Typhaceae

My painting is part of a Dutch exhibition project called ‘ Stoepplantjes’ (Pavement Plants).
This project is organized by the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists in collaboration with the Hortus botanicus in Leiden.

As soon as I found my specimen in the wild I dug some out and took some samples of the plant back home and potted them. I made loads of sketches and annotations and kept a close eye on the growing spikes with their flowers/seeds. Even though the Plantago is a ‘weed’, by studying the plant and flowers you really appreciate the beauty and intricacy of this species. The painting is in watercolour medium on Fabriano 300gsm paper.

The image is mounted and framed in 50 x 60 cm. The original is for sale and priced at 500GBP (excluding frame). Delivery can be calculated at time of purchase.

Attached are some sketches of the Plantago major / Broadleaf plantain / Whiteman’s footprint.

Jessica Langford

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I live in a small village in Stirlingshire and have always been fascinated by plants. I am actively involved in conservation projects, planting wildflower meadows, hedgerows and creating wildlife habitats.

After many years making animation films for television and films with young people in schools, I studied botanical illustration at the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh. In 2017, I graduated with the Diploma in Botanical Illustration. I have exhibited annually with Edinburgh Society of Botanical Artists at the Botanics and Dundas Street Gallery and enjoy doing botanical projects in schools. My hedgerow illustrations were included in Gregory Kenicer’s book ‘Scottish Plant Lore’ published by RBGE.

I love observing and drawing the constant movement inherent in plants, their growth and transformation, telling their story from seed to fruit. Seed heads are fascinating structures which have evolved over time to maximise survival and dispersion. Their sculptural qualities give no indication of the form or colour of the plant within.

There are many parts of a plant that we are not usually aware of and remain invisible to the human eye. Sometimes this is because they are hidden away inside the plant or because they are too small to see without a microscope. Using a microscope reveals the plant’s secret world of minute architecture. These hidden details help define the plant’s identity and explain how plants evolve and survive.


Honesty, Lunaria annua seed heads
H 38 x W 30 cm, watercolour original: £350
mounted print: £50
cards: £3

The vibrant pinks and purples of these ripening seed heads were a lovely surprise and irresistible!

Bramble, Rubus friticosus agg. section of inflorescence, achenes forming
H 40 x W34 cm, graphite original including frame: £200
mounted print: £40
cards: £3

I am currently using a microscope for a series of graphite drawings showing the ‘magical’ transformation following pollination, of flower to fruit. In this drawing, the petals have already dropped, the stigmas and stamens are dying back and berries already forming.



Poppy Seed heads, Family Papaveraceae
H 44 x W 54 cm, pen and ink original including frame: £300
mounted print: £45
cards: £3

Poppy seed heads have so much character. They remind me of people waiting in a queue!

Sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus, samaras

H 60 W 48 cm watercolour original: NFS
mounted print: £60
cards: £3

I loved the graceful, delicate wings of these sycamore samaras.

Nicola Macartney

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My website address is: and for other contact details: gives links to my website, Facebook and Instagram.

Agapanthus and bee
H 43 W 43 cm, watercolour original: £425
prints and cards also available



Christmas rose on black
watercolour and gouache original: £395



H 30 W 30 cm, watercolour original: £245



Cherries on black
H 30 W 30 cm, watercolour and gouache original: £245



Louise Meny

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I am an artist and printmaker. I have been producing screenprints and etchings since graduating from art college and in 2019 I gained my diploma in botanical illustration. I have enjoyed expanding my artistic practices and subject matter. My Pulsatilla and Spring Composition painting which can be seen here were completed as part of the diploma course. I have continued to work with various plants some of which can be seen in my Spring Flowers and Hellebore painting.

Spring Composition
H 32 x W 23.5 cm, watercolour original unframed: NFS
Giclée prints (small edition of 6) available, image size – H 33 x W 24cm:  £60 each

Hellebore ‘Double white with purple edge’
H 20 x W 16 cm, .watercolour original: £500
mounted giclee print: £50

Spring Flowers
H 25 x W 30 cm, watercolour original: £550
mounted giclee print: £75

Pulsatilla ‘Pinwheel Violet’
H 42 x W 30 cm, mounted giclee print: £100

Water mint, Mentha aquatica
H 37 x W 27 cm watercolour original: £120
cards: £2

Marsh marigold, Caltha palustris
H 31 x W 36 cm, watercolour original unframed: £180

Salix caprea, Goat Willow
H 24 x W 27 cm, watercolour original unframed: £120
cards: £2

Alder 3, Alnus glutinosa
H 24 x W 27 cm, framed giclee print: £60
cards: £2

Gloria Newlan

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Crab apple and blackthorn
H 58 x W 38 cm, watercolour original: £270
mounted giclee print: £30

H 30 x W 20 cm, watercolour original: £180

Rowan, Sorbus aucuparia
H 58 x W 38 cm, watercolour original: £270

Turnip, Brassica rapa subsp. rapa
H 38 x W 28 cm, watercolour original: £140

Bill Phillips

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The Climate Change Tree
H 88 x W 69 cm, watercolour original: £2400
framed giclee prints: £160

‘The Climate Change Tree’ was named by Chris Knapman from the Ancient Tree Forum, who put it forward for the Woodland Trust’s Tree of the Year 2020 competition. The tree is a sycamore growing strongly, if precariously, on top of the spoil heap from an old coal mine, symbolising the hope of a green future rising from the remnants of the fossil fuel industry. It was voted second in Scotland, the winner was ‘The Survivor’ rowan at Carrifran.
I was commissioned to create a painting which will be exhibited locally as part of an exhibition to raise awareness of the effects of climate change.

The painting was recently accepted for the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour 141st Open Annual Exhibtion, December 2021

water lilies
H 46 x W 54 cm, Watercolour original framed: £240

Dead, but still interesting
H 76x W 65 cm, watercolour original framed: £600

H 32 x W 40 cm, watercolour original: £120

Babz Runcie

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Moth orchid, Phalaenopsis
H 39 x W 29 cm, watercolour original: NFS

Watercolour is not my natural calling but I feel I managed to represent this lovely plant quite well. I have since moved on to working in coloured pencil but frequently refer back to my certificate and diploma work. Caring for the flower was an equal challenge and seem to remember that it did not survive for a second year.UK Coloured Pencil Society Inside the Lines Exhibition

Helleborus orientalis, Lenten Rose
H 9 x W 14 cm, coloured pencil original: £125

One of the older plants in my own garden, happily it comes back every year without much attention. I have drawn the commoner colour but this year a white flower has appeared also!

Chaenomeles speciosa Moerloosei
H 17 x W 12 cm, coloured pencil original: £185

A favourite blossom around my town with several different varieties coming into bloom from March to May. This is a particularly good looking plant that the householders have allowed me to photograph frequently.

Alexa Scott Plummer

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Berwickshire companions, Silene dioica (red campion), Geranium lucidum (Shining cranes’s bill), Geranium pusillum (Small-flowered crane’s bill)
H 52 x W 41 cm, watercolour original: £675

Elizabeth Scott

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Malus domestica ‘Discovery’
H 60 x W 60 cm, watercolour original: £425
cards £3